Arpent Energy patiently walked me through each step of the closing process, Will has a way of explaining things that makes it easy for a layperson to understand. They exceeded my expectations.
- Christine S., Mansfield, LA
Arpent’s offer was significantly higher than all the other companies who contacted me. I am pleased to have worked with Arpent and I would recommend them to anyone considering a divestiture.
- Beverly R., Panola, TX
Will and Janel helped me identify my inherited interests, and in addition to closing quickly, they worked with the operator, on my behalf, and had them release funds owed to my family that had been accruing in escrow for nearly 6 years. I am lucky to have worked with Arpent.
- John Q., Centerville, MS
I had heard horror stories about certain unsavory companies purchasing energy interests, so at the onset of the exchange, I was skeptical and nervous, but by the end of the transaction, Will and his support staff had resolved all my concerns. Arpent Energy is straightforward, honest and fair. I would strongly recommend this company.
- Frank P., Converse, LA
Arpent is far and away the best company to work with, it is not even close.
-Evelyn A., Shreveport, LA
When my father passed, I was overwhelmed with the requirements for the succession of the estate, especially dad’s oil interests. Will helped me identify the location and owner/operator of all of dad’s interests in Texas and Louisiana, I don’t know what I would have done without them. They were truly a blessing.                                                              
-Jeanette S., Stonewall, LA

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